Sometimes a handy little trick can make the difference in getting a job done the quick and easy way. Here are seven fishing hacks that will make you wonder how you didn’t think of these before. Get Rid Of Fish Odour From Skin – It can seem like there is no amount of soap that will get rid of that fishy smell that builds up on your hands after a day of handling fish, or worse, after cleaning your catch. While you need to use soap and water to get rid of grime and germs, running your wet hands over stainless steel will miraculously remove many odours from your skin. Whether you use a piece of cutlery, the faucet, the kitchen sink, or a steel bowl, a chemical reaction occurs and removes the odour causing molecules from your skin. Prevent Rod Ends From Sticking Together – Many fishing rods come apart in two or three pieces for easier transport and storage. The ends of the rods...more

5 Fall Fishing Lure Favorites

by JIM ROOT on SEPTEMBER 26, 2014 These go-to lures are fish catching machines in autumn!When summer comes to an end, the best fishing of the year for bass anglers is just beginning as cooler temps heat up the action on the water. Bass begin their heaviest feeding of the year in preparation for winter. So if you can avoid running up a tree in search of a whitetail or two and know what to throw, you can find yourself with some of the most productive outings of the season! 1. Umbrella RigsUnethical or the biggest innovation to change the game in decades? Regardless of your moral position on this lure, it’s hard to debate how effective it can be in October. Bass are gorging themselves on shad, and what better way to catch them while their doing that than by imitating an entire school? There are virtually hundreds of choices from countless manufacturers that offer a wide array of colors, s...more

FISHING TECHNIQUES-Increase Your Chances Of Catching Fish

Choosing how to fish mostly depends on what fish species you are targeting. If you are targeting a particular species, there are often a few fishing methods that local fishermen prefer, some of which will vary with the season. But that doesn’t mean a fish will always bite your hook; fish can be fickle. You may need to try several fishing techniques to find one that produces bites. Check the local fishing reports before you head to the water for insights on what is working well at the time you plan go fishing. Before You Begin Before you choose how to fish, remember you first need to know how to cast. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to toss your bait or lure to the necessary spot or distance in order to catch a fish. Once you have cast your line, or dropped it in the water, you can try one of the below fishing techniques to entice a bite. Which Fishing Tech...more

Nighthawk Lights Introduces The Revolutionary Beacon C-Squared LED Flashlight

For Immediate Release: Revolutionary Flashlight; Perfect for Every-day Carry, Outdoor and Emergency Lighting Uses Charleston, SC – Nighthawk Lights, LLC a leading provider of high-performance lighting and Solar Chargers announced the introduction of its newest LED Flashlight. The Beacon C-Squared™ is a rugged, micro-sized, USB rechargeable battery powered LED flashlight designed for a wide variety of every-day, outdoor or emergency lighting uses. The versatile, easy-to-carry flashlight boasts 5 beam modes, a max output of 100 lumens and can provide a boost charge to cell phones and other USB chargeable devices. Crafted from aerospace grade aluminum the Beacon C-Squared features an integrated stainless steel clip, high powered magnet and ballistic nylon wrist band. It is waterproof (IP67), shock proof, drop proof and can throw a high powered beam 80 meters or over 260ft. All this and ...more

Cool Dad Gift Ideas

Do you have the Coolest Dad? We knew you would say that, then why are you giving him this tie for Fathers Dad? This year get your Dad one of our next generation Flashlights or Solar Chargers and show him really just how cool you think he is. He will think you are just as cool because our all of products have Lifetime Guarantees, come with a 100% Money Back Guarantee and we even throw in FREE shipping. Come pick out your Dads cool gift now, time is running out:...more

Simply Brilliant

Crafted from hard anodized aerospace aluminum with an orange metal reflector. The Bantam HB-62 is the toughest, brightest and most reliable ‪#‎flashlight‬ in its class. ...more

Nighthawk White LED Flashlight

And rounding out our UltraLight colors, the ever popular the Nighthawk UltraLight – WHITE Ok, so you want to know why we produce an UltraLight with White Light? Well its no surprise that white light is the most common and used light color in the world. Human eyes see things best (in most environments) with white light. It is also our most requested color for UltraLight use. But white Led light may not be exactly what you think it is or even expect. Here’s an Led industry tid-bit that’s not to so well known to the general public (although with a few minutes of research you can find plenty of articles on it) There is no such thing as a “white” LED. The color that you see appears to be white, however it usually starts out as a Blue LED and then a phosphor coating is applied changing the color spectrum from blue to white. ...more

Nighthawk Green LED Flashlight

he Nighthawk UltraLight – GREEN: Ok, so you want to know why we produce an UltraLight with Green Light? A green LED light was one of the first in the spectrum to be used for natural night vision. It helps preserve night vision while allowing for some illumination. Hunters and fishermen etc. prefer the green light because it is less likely to spook the fish or game. It also does not attract insects the way a white light does. Green light is also used by the military and outdoor enthusiasts for electronic night vision equipment, which is less sensitive to green light. However a green light can still have a bad effect on your natural night adapted vision, just like any other color of light unless it is kept very dim. The military likes it for their night operations because, unless viewed straight on, it is difficult to pick up with the human eye. Green is also useful in smoke-filled env...more