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Nighthawk is an American Company that develops, manufactures and markets a versatile line of Next Generation Gear. Our gear is created at the corner where Lifestyle and Technology collide. And are used in everyday situations; by outdoor enthusiasts or anywhere exceptional reliability, durability and performance is demanded.

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  • I used the Nighthawk UltraLight in combat missions in Bosnia and Iraq. I recently pulled it out of a desk draw and to my surprise it still worked and with the same batteries that have been in it for more than 12 years. I can whole heartily recommend the Nighthawk UltraLight as an excellent Flashlight. I am sure it will serve you as well as it has served me .

    Scott “Gunny” Perdue
    Marine - USAF (Ret.)
  • We were flying a special mission in Africa to a remote airport. The airport it self was in the middle of nowhere no radio or lights. For safety reasons we had to plan for a night special mission. Fortunately I had a Nighthawk Microlight with me. Using it to light our cockpit, we then safely landed and completed our mission successfully without fatalities.

    Marc, Cmd
  • Bantam Series The Bantams are perfect for EDC and are also small enough to place in your Personal Survival Kits. I've been carrying mine for a little over two months and it has come in handy on numerous occasions. All Nighthawk products are backed by a lifetime warranty. If you’re in the market for a small flashlight that will take a beating- check out the Bantam Series.

    "Jack"- Black Scout Survival
  • Beacon C-Squared I’ve had the Beacon C2 for a few weeks now, and it has come in handy more times than I had initially thought. It’s amazing how many times and places you find yourself in need of a flashlight. As a boater, I’ve used it to locate navigation aids and other water-borne hazards at night. All in all, this little giant packs a big punch, its remarkable light. The Beacon C2 is brimming with features and should be at the top of the list of Gotta Have Gadgets for every outdoors enthusiast.

    Capt. Cefus McRae-Host, Nuts and Bolts of Fishing TV
  • My Story is not as dramatic as the ones above,15 years ago we purchased a number of the Nighthawk Microlights. As with many things they ended up in a drawer somewhere and then made their way into our attic. During our clean-out I came across a couple of the Microlights. It was to my utter amazement that when I turned them on they all worked

  • On a recent trip to Africa I tested the Nighthawk Beacon C-squared flashlight. “This handy little flashlight does it all, better than any other flashlight on the market. It has three beams, it also has a distress signal and strobe modes. And if that’s not enough you it can actually boost charge your smart phone and that’s pretty cool. On this Hunting trip, I’m glad I had the C-Squared in my hand on those dark Africa nights”

    Mark Kayser Co¬-Host of North American Hunter TV
  • Talon I have a Nighthawk Talon Solar Battery Charger which had become a very important tool in delivering a boat from North Carolina to Charleston South Carolina. We were approximately 18 miles offshore and lost all electronics. I used a GPS app on my phone to navigate with, but it really burns up the battery time. I plugged my phone into the Talon an opened a vent window so the Talon could recharge in the sunlight. We were able to complete the 118 mile trip with no problem. I highly recommend any Nighthawk product!!

    Capt. Johnboy Koonce Shoal Bandit Charters