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Nighthawk Lights – Next Generation Gear

Nighthawk Lights is an American Company that develops, manufactures and markets a versatile line of Next Generation Gear. We specialize in miniature flashlights and solar battery chargers that are designed to work in tandem or stand on their own. Our products are created at the intersection where Lifestyle and Technology collide. And are used for; everyday situations, by outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike. 

We have been outdoor enthusiasts, adventurers, explorers, athletes and gear geeks our entire lives, so it only made sense that we do what we love and we really love what we do. We don't just sit behind desks and design boards, we use our products daily and keep pushing them to the max, sometime tweaking them, sometimes starting over and sometimes just shaking our heads saying “what were we thinking?" All in the pursuit of making our next generation gear the best gear that you can use and at the best value for your money.

Nighthawk has a long and steeped history in the LED Flashlight market place. Founded in 1995, our mission today is the same as it has been since day one; provide our customers exceptional products and experiences. We have had the honor and privilege to continually deliver on that mission since our inception.

We are a small company with a huge talent pool that keeps us on the leading edge of the marketplace. Our Team is comprised of people who are exceptional within their disciplines, each group, from product design to supply chain, to the marketing team have total autonomy to perform their tasks with only one objective; to perform to the highest standard for the collective good of our customers and each other.

Nighthawk has evolved from producing a hands-free LED flashlight designed and developed for military pilots during Operation Desert Storm, into a specialty Flashlight company that manufactures a variety of  Flashlights and Solar/Battery Charging Devices and Accessories. Every product we offer is designed with a high-level view for superior functionality. They are manufactured to the highest standards by using todays the best manufacturing processes, materials and components available. Thus, giving each of our products superior functionality, ease of use, reliability and ruggedness.

We are so confident in the longevity and service of our products we back every one with a Life-Time Guarantee. (See our Guarantee here)

Nighthawk Lights – Next Generation Gear...... it's not just what we do….It is who we are.

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